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Juliette Gust

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Phone Number (844) 469-6366
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Company Description by Ethics Suite

A web-based, anonymous and private employee "hotline" between employer and employee, designed for the hospitality industry veterans. Our team has investigated thousands of allegations relating to every function in hotels, restaurants, and bars. We know your business. Unethical, illegal, or inappropriate conduct creates an unhappy workplace, reduces productivity and profitability, and may threaten your success.

Stay informed about important issues, so you can resolve them internally before they become larger, costly, or public problems.

Ethics Suite offers a private and confidential web-based hospitality "hotline" for anonymous employee reporting of workplace misconduct, theft, or fraud, with unique reporting sites including Employees are often deterred from reporting their concerns directly to supervisors or company representatives because they fear retaliation. Reporting through a third party helps alleviate these concerns and keep you informed.

540,000= calls made to the EEOC toll-free number in 2017.

Protect your hard-earned reputation and demonstrate to your team that you are committed to a workplace with the highest ethical standards with a simple, and private communication channel between you and your employees. Rather than an outdated "hotline" concept, we provide a platform that is aligned with how people communicate today: mobile and web-based.

$807,443= average loss for small businesses that are victims of embezzlement

The Ethics Suite team can also help you implement and track "Do What's Right" code of business ethics and conduct training and policies, and offers professional assistance to help you respond to reports, either onsite or with remote assistance.

5% = percentage of revenues lost to fraud by the typical organization

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